In this episode, Astro Uncle, Sh. Pawan Sinha ji discussed how to get rid of the problem of stealing- Kleptomania (Chori karna). What are the astrological reasons behind this probelm and what all remedies does Jyotish or Vedic Astrology Provide in this regard. 

Astro Uncle's Episode reply:

This problem is caused by malefic mercury. Malefic mercury with any yoga with Moon may cause the problem of stealing in the children. Mercury also, gives the ability to hide your mistakes. 

When Rahu, Mangal, Saturn are also involved, then the person may steal openly and boldly, without the fear of getting caught. (Criminal mentality). It's best to treat this problem in the childhood itself, otherwise it won't be that easy to rectify. Here are the astrological remedies:

  • Wear "Firoza" of any ratti, in a copper pendant in a silver chain. This helps in keeping the mind positive. 
  • Chant "Om Bum Budhaye Namah" - the mantra of Mercury - the planet which if goes bad, gives the cunningnes to steal. 
  • Wearing Tulsi mala is a very good remedy. If your child has got the habit of stealing, then make him wear that. It helps to keep the purity of mind intact. 
  • Wearing rudraksh as a bracelet in the wrist or as a necklace increases the confidence to walk on the path of values and truth. 
  • Adults who experience this irresistable desire of stealing, may start  planting mercury related plants like, spinach (palak), sarso (mustard), or green vegetables. Do this for atleast 51 Wednesdays. 
  • Children suffering from kleptomania should help in the bathing of the sacred cow.