Episode Theme: "Chidchidapan"- Extreme mental irritation and anger. Reasons and remedies to get rid of angry and cribbing nature. 

Astro Uncle's Reply:

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According to Vedic astrology, If you get angry because of small things, and like to remain aloof and alone, then this indicates that you might have problems between the age of 38 and 42. Other problems:

  • No friends
  • Don't feel like studying
  • Bowl disorder
  • Problems in health between the age of 38 and 42.
  • Life is full of struggles
  • Not much happiness in marital life. 

If moon is weak and main planet (ascendant) is weak, then these planets don't let the native stay happy. At the same time, Rahul also irritates big time. Rahu creates big problems by affecting the way you speak. This makes your nature very irritating, while the anger given by Mars is generally short-lived. 

Those mothers who have strong but malefic mars influencing their ascendant, their children will cry as infants often. Any mother with strong effect of Moola nakshatra may see this problem in her child. 

It's not easy to change someone's basic naure. But these remedies, if done right since childhood for a long period of time, have the ability to completely change your negative, irritating and angry nature into a positive and happy one. Do try these:

  • Make sure there's no tension and fights in your family. If that stays permanently, do some upaaya for pitra dosh.
  • Keep drinking water as much as possible. 
  • You can wear "sphatik" mala or any crystal.
  • Take a piece of sandalwood and wear it in a white thread. This automatically creates happiness in mind. 
  • Apply the tilak of Kesar and white sandalwood powder will remove irritation and anger and replace it with positive feelings very easily.
  • Do apply some Kesar on your tongue as well. 
  • Drink water in a silver glass
  • Mix some drops of "kevda" in your water, if possible. 
  • Walking on fresh dew on the grass in the morning. This is a very effective and powerful remedy.
  • Do listen to soft and soothing bhajans or music.