Episode theme: Why do kids lie? What kind of problems arise in the adulthood due to the habit of telling lies in the childhood? How to cure this problem through Jyotish (Indian/Vedic Astrology) remedies or upaayas. 

Astro Uncle: 

There are basically the following ways in which a person lies:

  • To attract attention
  • Satisfaction of Ego
  • Out of fear
  • Just as a habit
  • Not being able to say the things at the right time, your "silence" in this case, unfortunately, falsely proves you "a lier"

 Because of the bad combination or yoga of Bad Moon and Mercury, the person tells lies just to attract attention. These individuals tell imaginary stories. They are unable to do anything much in life or develop their talents well, so they live in an imaginary world and say imaginary/untrue things. 

  1. Because of bad Mercury and Ketu, and weak "Mukhya Graha" lagna or ascendant lord the person has a very low self confidence. He remains timid and scared most of the times. Since he or she is too emotional and not very bold to face the circumstances, so he or she tells lies out of fear. 
  2. Bad Mercury and Ketu, result in the fact that you're unable to speak the right thing at the  right time due to some reason, and are generally, regarded as lier. 

Repurcussions/Effects of the habit of telling lies in the future:

  1. If somehow weak Jupiter is involved, then surely, there will be problems in marriage. 
  2. It the problem is due to Rahu or Mars (Mangal), then these kind of people are never able to achieve much in life, they're neither able to devlelop their talents and just end up criticizing others. These kind of people deceive and get caught also. 
  3. Problem coz of Moon and Ketu results in less confidence, psychological and emotional disorders. 


  • Parents should try to be friendly towards these kind of children, so that trust develops and the child doesn't fear. 
  • The punishment in this case, should not be of beating or rebuking the child, but stern and emotional. 
  • Wear Sarpokha Jad (root) in the neck. 
  • Wearing Rudraaksh develops self confidence, boldness. so the problem of telling lies goes away slowly. 
  • Read holy book, "Geeta's" ELEVENTH Chapter. This develops talent and boldness to face the world without telling lies.