Episode theme:

In this episode, Astro Uncle, Sh. Pawan Sinha ji, talks about how we can get to know someone's future through the different properties of one's lips. (Color, shape, formation etc).

Astro Uncle's Reply below:

1) Dryness of Lips: During the change of season, almost everyone's lips dry. However, if the dryness of the lips is NOT the seasonal problem and your lips remain dry throughout the year, then, you have to get cautious as it denotes some unfortunate things with your horoscope. Most probably, you will have to balance your Moon and Venus. In case, the problem is seasonal, you can apply some Mustard oil on your navel for a few days and the problem will be gone. 

2) Blackness of the Lips: If your lips tend to get black or bluish or purplish or grayish in color, then this also, shows misfortunes and the individual's brain power might be reducing. The person may become angry, and will get good results in life after years' of efforts. In this case, Rahu and Shani need to be corrected.

3) Cracking of the Lips: Cracking of the lips resulting in redness, might show some disease. Check your horoscope to know which planets are affected and do their appropriate remedies. 

4) Protruding Lips with deformed first four teeth, with gaps in between, show some problems related to Moola nakshatra and Ketu planet. These individuals should do the upaayas or remedies of Rahu and Ketu throughout their lives. 

5) If the upper lip is broader in comparison to the lower lip and this creates problems in speech, then it shows that life wil not be smooth. Money will not come easy or the right way. Life long remedies of Rahu and Saturn suggested in this case. 

6) If the central portion of the upper lip is protruded (utha hua) the your parents might be at a very high position but you won't be able to make the best of your talents.  Rahu, Ketu, Saturn's lifelong remedies suggested. 

7) If the Upper lip is wider, more struggle.


Some Good Lips formations:

1) Central portion of the upper lip protruded but stretched from the bottom to meet the lower lip, (chonch like, Akshay Kumar), the person might be born in an ordinary family, but will rise up high in life to fame. 

2) If the Lip color is pink, success will be there between age 24-26. 

3) Dark red, natural color- Success at the age of 22. 

4) If the lower lip is fuller in comparison to the upper lip  in a way that the upper lip fully rests on it, then the person will change subjects between age 14-19. However, will remain successful after the age of 14 always. Will change the path of career once again at the age of 27-28. 

5) If the smile is such that the lower lip opens very deep, so that the lower set of teeth are visible, this is called "Lotus Smile", These individuals are very lucky!! They might have to struggle between 12-18 age, but will stay lucky throughout their lives. They will be regarded very talented in the society. Whichever family they get associated with, they will bring good wealth and prosperity and good luck in their lives too. 

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