The last episdoe of Pawan Sinha Live -( 4th Feb 2012), discussed the various remedies to awaken the sleeping 'bhagya yogas' in a horoscope. The remedies discussed were almost the same as discussed in one of his earlier episodes. We're sharing with you those remedies here. (He also discussed how to see in your palm whether you have luck in ur life or not, but I am sorry we cannot write that information down here. ): 

Main Planets responsible for Luck is Moon as it is the Naisargika Karaka (Natural factor) of Bhagya. Bad Moon may create Bhagyahaani yoga. 

The other important Graha, responsible for maintaining the success we've achieved is Jupiter. 

Bhagyahaani yoga

Malefic Moon or Kemdruma yoga in a chart can make you an unlucky person. Shani-chandra conjunction, birth around amavasya or lack of good planet drishti on chandrama can cause this duryoga. In this yoga, one who tries to help you , something will happen that your relations with him or her will disturb. Moon is the general karaka of good fortune as well. So, make sure that you keep doing something to keep your moon pacified and strong.

Some remedies:

  • Get out of depression. Try to move towards hope and positivity. Do something, the moment you start seeing that hope, your moon will start becoming stronger slowly.
  • Cry as much as you want and after crying, see your own image in the mirror. Concentrate on your own image.   start having faith in yourself. This is an important remedy. You wil have difficulty doing this remedy initially. But keep trying.
  • Do shiva pooja at night while basking in the moon light and do traatak with moon.
  • Donate milk to shiv temple on mondays.
  • Water a bargad tree.
  • With your own hands, give water to mom.
  • Stay away from arguments and criticism of others.
  • Try to be social
  • Don't lie, be polite.
  • Don't plan big things. Set small targets for yourself.
  • Wear silver.
  • Give water to Pitras in the morning and do 'Om pitra devaaye namah'.
  • On amavasya, make drinking water arrangements near or in cremation ground.
  • Grow khirni trees and wear its root in the neck.

Sleeping Jupiter:

Sleeping Jupiter in a kundli gives you a lot but nothing stays- no stability.


  • If your decisions help others, but prove wrong for you, then you must do planning between 3 am till 8 am only. (Usha kaal). Never take decisions later than that.
  • Do partnership with children in business or buy house in the name of child or atleast think that when u'll buy house, it will for your child.

Remedy for sudden loss:

  • Keep your head covered and grow a shikha.
  • Take guidance from gurus.
  • Clean your pooja room yourself.
  • Stop eating non-veg if you feel that whatever your'e earning - money/fame/respect, you're losing it as well.
  • If you've lost a lot already, then take a cotton thread and color it with haldi water and tie in your right wrist in seven rounds of rolling. do it on thursday
  • Grow pomegrenate tree.
  • Lose fat, and throw away laziness.
  • Do vishnusahasranaam paath.

Doing these remediies, your jupiter will become strong. Prospects of job and marriage will also improve.