In this episode, Pawan Sinha ji, talks about the problem of constant arguments/squabbles/fights between family members, that disturb the home peace. Sometimes, members fight with eachother for no apparent reason; despite a lot of love for each other, they're unable to control themselves from arguing and speaking in a bad tone that ends up hurting the other person and creates misunderstandings, and gradually hatred for each other. Sometimes, even small children don't respect their elders. Why does it happen? And what are the astrological remedies to prevent or get rid of this problem. 

If Rahu, and Mars negatively influence, 2nd, 5th, and 7th house of Kundli, it results in the loss of happiness and sukha. Sun, Saturn, Mars, if they negatively have any relation with the 5th house, fights happen due to the disagreement with own children. If 10th house is afflicted, there's always a disagreement with one's own Dad. 

Pitra Dosha, is a very dreaded yoga, when it comes to family peace. Fights happen despite love. Family members of the affected family have either skin or hair problems, marriages happen very late or may never happen. If 2nd and 8th house is weak, with Jupiter also weak, problems from in-laws will remain. If at the same time, Rahu is bad too, then Vaani Dosh may be there, due to which constant taunts and bickerings from in-laws will be there and the native will never get any respect from them. 

If Rahu is bad, there will be ego problems at home, and each family member will try to demean one another. There will be Politics kind of atmosphere at home. The members of the family won't like to come back home after their works even. 

Remedies to get rid of "Kalah" or Tense/fighting atmosphere at home:

  • Respect other family members, keep politics and ego outside home. 
  • Control your temper. 
  • Grow Tulsi and Maniplant at home. 
  • Manage things very well at home, if the servants of your house also creating problems. The house should be clean and well-managed. 
  • Try to create scent of lobaan or chandan at home. Light Chandan diyas/agarbattis etc. 
  • Decorate home. 
  • Keep a Sphatik Shivling or Mendhak at home. 
  • Keep gunja in a copper (tamba) vessel at home. It will stop the problems at home that arise due to third persons or other relatives. 
  • Keep the photo or painting of waterfall at home. 
  • Fill some water in a kalash, and also put a Coconut in it. This can help treating Pitra Dosha; opportunities for marriage and job promotions will come up gradually. 
  • All the members should sit in Dhyaan for 5 minutes daily. 
  • Offer a little amount of honey to Tulsi plant daily. (A drop or two only)
  • The member who fights the most or indulges in angry arguments the most, keep a silver-moon below his/her bed. This will also give him/her sound sleep. 
  • Invite guests at home. 
  • Try to avoid wearing colors like, Red, Black and Dark green. 
  • Don't keep torn shoes/sandals at home. 
  • Do Pitra Dosha Nivaaran. 
  • In the morning, first take out 1 roti for Dog, 1 for Cow and 1 for Birds. Then start your meals. 
  • Whenever some heated discussion or argument has started happening in the house, start gently massaging the mount of your moon. 

Anger can be treated in three ways: One if you just keep it inside, two, if you redirect it to some other emotion, three, if you just let it on yourself and burst. One should follow the 2nd method, whenever, you feel angry, just start thinking about something funny and convert your anger to fun, or happy emotions. 

Anger Managemen tips:

  • Wear Silver more than gold. 
  • Sit in any yoga- aasan for 10 minutes daily. You can sit in Vajra-aasan after having food also. 
  • If you're getting angry and irritating due to misfortune or long period of delays and obstacles, don't be angry. Instead, try to strengthen your Mukhya Graha (Main Planet/Lagna Lord) and remain fully devoted to your Ishta. You will get results for sure. Have patience. 
  • Make sure family members don't sleep with their heads towards North-East direction. 
  • It's not good to have Main-door of the house in the South-East. If possible, correct it. 
  • Drink water in a silver vessel five times during day facing east. Before drinking, take a deep breath. 
  • To control temper, you should not have deficiency of Vitamin C and Calcium in your body. That will balance both Mars and Moon.