There are three main evils within us, that end up creating big time hurdles in our lives and despite, having truck-loads of talent, we lag behind in the race, called, life. Because of these three problems, we are unable to grab good opportunities thrown at us by our destiny, and thus, lead stressful and ordinary lives forever. What are these three problems? And, what are the solutions to get rid of them?

  • Anxiety / Palpitations
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Inability to communicate in the right way (Vaani Dosh)
  • Bad Decision Making Power
  • Anxiety/Ghabraahat:


 Anxiety is a disease. We need to take it seriously. If not today, but sometime later in the future, this problem can weaken our nervous system and can also create problems related to heart at a young age. If we talk about the present Transit/Gochar of Mars in its debilitated Rashi- Cancer, till 1st November 2011 (You can read about the effect of Mars and Venus in their debilitated Rashi in 2011, on 12 different  Moon-Signs here), Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will be affected the most. They will experience anxiety and communication problems.

Cause of Anxiety:

Anxiety is basically caused by the weak/afflicted Moon or weak/afflicted Mars in the chart. People having weak Moon and Mars, feel anxious before doing any important work, and they try to escape from situations that require them to take decisions or come face to face with realities/people. They always want someone else to do their work that requires boldness, rather than coming forward. Their hearts beat faster than normal (palpitations).

One has to take risk sometimes. In times of risk, one who takes a good decision, moves ahead in life. While, the one,  with weak Mars or Moon remains indecisive and keeps thinking all the time and before, he finally makes up his mind, the opportunity is gone. Their personalities become weak gradually, and sometimes some cunning people take advantage of this fact and make a fool of them.

Health wise, Heart and nervous system become weak. Migraine, and shivering specially, at 45+ occurs.  Stay alert if you experience this and start doing remedies.

Remedies for anxiety:

  • Before sleeping, drink fresh water, mixed with the juice of 1 lemon and ½ spoon honey. Do this remedy for a long period. Gradually, your nervous system will become strong
  • Every morning and evening, try to eat one guava daily empty stomach.
  • Reduce emotional dependence on others.
  • Inhale the aroma of Pure Desi ‘Kapoor’ (Camphor) whenever you feel anxiety. Keep the kapoor at a handy location like the pocket of your shirt or in a purse.
  • Do daatun with Arjun tree’s branch.
  • First learn Yog Nidra and then do it regularly.
  • Mix silver and gold in equal quantities and get a ring made. Wear it in your left thumb. But before wearing, energize this ring with this mantra: “Om Ang Angaarkaaye namah”- 1008 times. Don’t go to washroom wearing it. Remove it first and then go.

Lack of Confidence:

Negative repercussions of Saturn and Moon, weakens an individual’s self confidence and sometimes, people lacking confidence become very insecure in life. They might also become very suspicious and start playing politics at home or office.  They put pressure on their own children, thinking that what they couldn’t achieve in their lives, their children might achieve that, but in the process, they often ruin their domestic lives as well as career.

First ask the following questions from yourself and know whether you’re losing confidence?

  • Do you speak very fast?
  • Do you speak incomplete words?
  • Do you fumble/stutter  while speaking?
  • Do you, despite being a good human being otherwise, tell small lies, unintentionally?
  • Whenever you write your signature, it begins well but ending is not proper, often marked with just a line after the first one or two alphabets of your name?
  • Does your every work always remain incomplete?
  • You interrupt others talk, and don’t like going very deep in the conversation? Or, you’re unable to hear someone patiently?
  • Your thumb easily tilts backwards?
  • Do you have a spot on sun/apollo mount on any of your hands?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then slowly you’re losing confidence.


  • Do spiritual and behavioral remedies of your main planet. If it’s Mars, then do running, start playing a sport, help labourers and do dhyaan of Lord Hanuman. If it’s Jupiter, do Guru dhyaan; Venus- respect older women; Sun- Do traatak with Sun, keep your mind clean and true,  and serve others without expectations; Moon- Serve mom and maternal uncles, aunts, grandmother; Mercury-Help your Bua without expectations and worship Lord Ganesha;  Saturn- Do dhyaan on blue Sky. Help less privileged people of the society.
  • Make a ring of Gold and copper (equal quantities) and wear in any thumb or middle finger on any day.
  • Keep Shriyantra with you. Don’t go to toilet wearing it coz you have to worship it every morning and evening. Whenever you feel lack of confidence, do dhyaan on red spot on Shri Yantra.
  • Make a Diary for your Ishta. Write regularly the name of your Ishta on it. Write in beautiful hand-writing. Cover it with yellow cloth or bag.
  • Do Anulom vilom Pranayam.
  • Help animals and plants. The more you’ll stay in the company of nature, the more confident you will become.
  • Make sure your body is not deficient in Calcium.
  • Take care of Pitta in yoiur body. Don’t eat food that produces gas or acidity in your body.
  • Eat Honey and Vacha.
  • Do ‘Om Shanti’ mantr.
  • Have only One guru, One family and One Ishta, throughout your life.
  • Wear Moon Yantra.
  • Wear your favorable color out of these four confidence-enhancing colors-White, Red, Yellow or Green
  • Walk swiftly. Do work swiftly. Before beginning work, always pen down the list of works to be done that day.
  • Stay away from unnecessary usage of TV, mobile and computer.
  • Sit straight without drooping shoulders.
  • Learn appreciating others. Be logical. Be rational.

Vaani Dosh

– Inability to communicate in the right way; Inability to speak the right thing at the right time. Vaani Dosh is a very serious affliction. One may end up destroying one’s career and as well as personal life because of this dosha.

Remedies of Vaani Dosh:

Take some Jaun in your hand. Think about your vaani dosha with full concentration and do jal pravaah. Initially, do it for 43 days continuously. Then on Saturdays!

Don’t unnecessarily criticize others. Don’t speak bad language.

For 43 days, go to your Ishta temple and ask for forgiveness.

Offer panchamrit on Parad Shivling. Panchamrit should be made of the following ingredients: Milk, curd, Cow ghee, honey and khaand (sugar). Ideally, do it daily otherwise, surely on Mondays and Trayodashi.

Keep a solid ball of silver with you. Energize it with 1008 times with your Ishta mantra.

Apply tilak of kesar and milk on your throat, anytime during day or night.

Problems in Effective Decision-Making?

If mars or Rahu affects 1st house, the person always, makes wrong decisions.

Person with afflicted mercury will take bad decisions but will try to justify his/her decisions in front of people at any cost and thus, will mess things up even further. One with bad Moon-Mars Conjunction, takes bad decisions one after the other, be it business related or marriage, property or domestic life.  When moon-mercury doesn’t give good results, then also you make wrong decisions.


Get into a habit of taking advice from those, having good moon and Jupiter.

Sit facing Ishaan (North-East) corner of the house, and chant Om. Then sleep and you will get solution in your dream. But there has to be 100% dedication and concentration to achieve results.

Try to go into Guru sharan.

Keep ‘maun’ (silence) for some time. Especially, before taking big decisions balance your breaths and then make a decision.

When in angry or over-ambitious or revengeful or very happy or very sad mode, don’t make decisions.

Don’t make decisions during, Aries, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces lagna.

Take decisions during, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio.