Episode theme: Easy ways to get rid of loan? 


If you're going through sadesati and at the same time, undergoing Rahu Mahadasha, you should avoid getting loans. See your right hand, if the line of fortune (Bhagya rekha or Shani Rekha) stops at the Rahu gadhha then, you must stay alert and cautious from taking loans. If the line of fortune rises above shani mount, then also you might face problems in repaying loans. 

Some special and sure shot ways/remedies/upaayas to get rid of Loans are mentioned below:

  • Establish Maa Shodashi Yantra at home and worship Goddess and Yantra. Offer Rose or Lotus flower to the Goddess. Mantra to chant is : "Om Shreem Namah". Do it 1,25,000 times to attain sidhhi over this mantra. This remedy will relieve you from poverty and loans. 
  • Chant this mantra with positive attitude in front of Lord Shiva- "Om Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Om Vitteshwaraaye Namah." This mantra is also energized by chanting 1,25,000 times. 
  • Take 11 Bel patra, Ashok or Bargad or Aak leaves. Then prepare an ink by mixing sindoor, turmeric (haldi) and water and using this ink, write on each leaf this : "पं दं लं " in Hindi and donate them at the flowing water (Jal pravaah) on the Navmi of every month's Shukla Paksha. 
  • Take some Black and White "Ratti" grains (ratti ke daane) and keep them safe with you at your house's place of worship. Do kanak dhaara stotra paath also.