Episode Theme: Pawan Sinha ji discusses the remedies to have successful married life in this episode on Aajtak Channel on 7th June 2011. 

Pawan Sinha Ji: 

If 2nd house houses malefic planets like, Sun, Mars, Rahu, then problems in married life arise due to 'Vaani Dosha'. (Saying things in rude language or unable to say the right thing at the right time). If this happens in a female horoscope, then it is more harmful.

If 4th house is afflicted(with Rahu or Shani), then a person suffers due to over-suspicious or doubtful nature. The person tends to be possessive and authoratative. You will have to change your nature and behaviour and your lifestyle if you want to get rid of this problem. Thoughts and ideas don't match with the partner. Sometimes, quarrels happen over small matters. 

If Sun, Saturn, Mars or Rahu sit in the 7th or 8th house in the horoscope, then be very cautious as far as married life is concerned. 

In your hand, if Jupiter's finger (index finger) tilts towards Saturn's finger (middle finger) then this is also not a very good sign. 

If in the 12th house of horoscope, Mangal, Budha, or Shukr are there, then dissatisfaction between the couple can arise. 

Remedies for a successful marriage:

  • Offering Roti to Cow by husband wife increases love between them
  • Bad sun can also create problems in married life, for that you must grow "Tulsi" plant at home. If sun is very bad, it might dry quickly, but keep trying again and again to plant Tulsi, and this will gradually make your sun strong. 
  • Do Gayatri Mantra with Tulsi Mala daily. 
  • To propitiate Rahu and Shani, throw away torn clothes and shoes from home. 
  • Give some aata to ants. 
  • Husband And Wife must gift silver coin and rice to each other to keep their married life happy always. You can do this on each other's b'days also. 
  • The main door of the house should never be on the southern house. Otherwise disharmony will be there. 
  • The Kitchen gas or choolha should be in the South East corner of the house. 
  • In the north corner, keep a water pot. 

Future for People born on 7th June:

 The next year for you will be very good for you. Specially, August, November and February will be very successful specially.