quit_bad_habit_380-281Pawan Sinha Live- 20th August 2011

Episode Theme: What habits are bad habits and how they affect our future and lifestyle? Does getting rid of those habits, improve our future? What do these habits tell us about the state of our planets?

 Reply of Sh. Pawan Sinha ji:

quit_bad_habit_380-281Pawan Sinha Live- 20th August 2011

Episode Theme: What habits are bad habits and how they affect our future and lifestyle? Does getting rid of those habits, improve our future? What do these habits tell us about the state of our planets?

 Reply of Sh. Pawan Sinha ji:

Our bad habits tell us the state of our planets without even taking a look at the horoscope. These habits are actually, the signal given to us by a planet that something's wrong and we must correct it soon otherwise, be ready to face the unpleasant consequences. Let's learn what kind of habits does a bad planet induce within us, so that we start working upon the process of getting rid of them. 

If you see one or habits in you, then consider, that the given planet is malefic in your chart. As an example, note some general bad habits:

  • You suddenly become tense and angry when faced with a lot of work.
  • Just a little tension, and you start smoking immediately.
  • You generally rebuke or speak in an angry tone with someone weaker than you, but you're tight-lipped in front of someone who's senior or at a better position than you.
  • Get irritated very frequently.

If these sort of problems are found in any male, then consider it for sure, that the person will face a turbulent time in life between the age of 40 and 45 years. 

Now, let's find out that which planet in a malefic state induces what kind of bad habits, and how to get rid of them:


  • You don't sit with your father very often. 
  • Whenever you sit with your father, you get entangled in to an argument with him. There's a lot of verbal fight that takes place generally over rational matters.

If this is the case, please note, that the person will have to face a lot of problems till the age of 36. A lot of struggle and instability in life before 36 years.

  • Clearing your throat again and again. 
  • Getting a lot of saliva in mouth, which starts appearing at the corners of the mouth as well. 
  • Spit again and again. 

If this is the case, immediately, start getting up early in the morning and offer water to the Sun God. 

  • Sleeping very late and getting up very late, denotes sure-shot problems in personal life. Get rid of this problem fast, otherwise your personal life will be a mess. 
  • If you are unable to see early morning Sun because of some reasons, like, getting up late, or having to go to a very off place from your house, to see the early morning sun, then it shows that Rahu or Shani are more powerful in a bad way, than your Sun. In such cases, there's problem in the eyes, nervous system, lever and personal happiness. 

You must do extra efforts to sleep early and get up early to see the early morning sun. If you don't do that, you will have no stability, no creativity, no good decision making power left in your life. Problems with father, seniors and high-profile people will also remain. 


  • Nail Biting: This shows your moon and Ketu are quite bad and you will have an inability to handle presure situations. Bad decision making power, stability only for a short period of time. 

These kind of people, must do remedies to make their Moon strong. They should offer food to Birds and animals, like, dog. They must strengthen relationships with their mother, maternal uncle and aunts, otherwise problems can be there between the age of 24 and 32 years or between 36 and 42 years. Also, try to sit under moon light and do some mantra of moon. 


  • While having food, talking a lot and debating aggressively. 
  • Jump on the chair to sit or sitting in a hurried manner/thumping way. (thapp kar ke baithna)
  • Speaking with a lot of energy, generally, also

These habits show, that most probably, Jupiter is not good. Therefore, you need to do remedies to correct your Jupiter. Pray to God first before having food, and correct this habit of speaking a lot during meal time. Otherwise, a lot of financial and business related problems can arise. For students, they may not get admission in the desired school or college. 

If you don't sit on the chair in a hurried manner, it may also show, that bcoz of bad Jupiter, you have lots of egos and don't like to sit in the company of intelligent and wise people. 


  • Shaking legs while sitting. 
  • Not sitting on the chair appropriately. Reclining often. 

This is a very unfortunate problem. Correct it immediately otherwise, this shows that you will never be able to reach your goals ever. No stable success. Bad decisions that will affect your life badly. 


  • Excessive smoking and drinking

It shows you will have to face a chronic disease sometime in your life. Financial problems will not leave you easily. Problems in attaining stability in life. If you don't leave this habit, even a  good JUPITER won't be able to rescue you from the clutches of bad RAHU and SHANI. 

As a remedy, drink apple juice daily twice a day. Drink Saunf (fennel seeds) water daily. To make it, take 1 or 2 tablespoons of Saunf and boil them in a glass of water. After boiling, strain and drink it after adding, 1 tsp salt in it.  Also, run on grass. Try to sit in an upright position. Drink milk with haldi (turmeric). Try to reduce weight. Drink a lot of water. Eat a lot of fruits. And remember your Ishta Devta all the time and do 'dhyaan'. Eat honey and anaar (pomogrenate) too. 

  • Dragging your feet/shoes while walking. (pair ghaseet kar chalna)

This is again a very bad and unfortunate problem. Rahu and Saturn will disturb your domestic/personal life. It won't let any relationship flourish. At least one sphere of life will be completely damaged. Correct it soon. Do Mahamirtyunjay Japa, control emotions, eat less food after sunset, go early to bed, improve social life, otherwise, the age between 33 and 43 years (10 long years) will be totally unstable. Strengthen Jupiter and Moon in this case. Go to a place of worship daily. Stay in the company of Mother or Shiv ji. 

  • Cracking Knuckles (Ungliyaan chatkanaa)

This shows the deficiency of calcium. Increase the intake of milk and milk products. Do anulom vilom and brain exercises, as this problem will weaken brain, give joint pain and disturn nervous system.