Episode Theme: In this episode, Pawan Sinha ji discusses as to how to earn money and how to save it properly and maintain its flow?

Pawan Sinha's Reply:

Every morning rub your two hands together and for a few seconds look at your palms!! 2nd , 6th , 9th house are very important. They must be strong for money prospects. Any one of these houses is bad, then money may come, but you might not be able to maintain it well. People having one of these houses bad, are generally Pseudo Rich. Besides these three houses, Jupiter's condition must also be strong in the chart coz Mars, Saturn and Rahu may bring lots of money for you but it's Jupiter that maintains it. 

If you're unable to use money (like, if you're miser) despite having lots of money, then it means your Venus is bad. This is also a kind of 'Daridra Yoga' i.e. having lots of money but still not being able to use it ....You or your don't house don't look 'prosperous' at all, in that case, your venus is bad. So, the condition of venus needs to be good, if you want to 'enjoy' your money. 

Special Mantra: Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah

A remedy for Pitra Dosha, this mantra if chanted regularly, can help you get rid of all kinds of problems in life. Prosperity, peace and harmony are also maintained well in the home through the chant of this mantra. 


  1. Always worship your 'Ishta Devta' properly with full devotion. 
  2. Always help poor. 
  3. Plant tulsi at home. Always keep it in your house. 
  4. The wall of the western side of your home, should not be extended out. 
  5. "Deemak" (Termite) and red ants shouldn't be there. If they are there, do some remedies to get rid of them. 
  6. In the Agne corner of your house, you shouldn't keep a source of water. 
  7. In the Ishaan (North /North East) corner, there should be a source of water always. 
  8. Keep a "tijori" at home. 
  9. Keep Shri yantra in the East side of the house. 
  10. Invite Gurus or learned people at home. 
  11. Do Aarti loudly at home in the evening. 
  12. Sandhya Deepak Remedy. Light a Diya (earthen lamp) always in the evening at home. Rahu will stop bothering you. 
  13. If 2nd housei s badly affected in the horoscope, then keep your property and money in the name of your mother, wife or daughter. 
  14. If there's Pitra Dosha, money will come scantily and will not remain in the house for a longer period of time. Do the above mentioned mantra in this case. 

Aaj Ka Upaaya:

If your body, hands and feet remain stiff, then take some Methi daana at night, soak in 1 copper glass filled with water and in the morning, before sunrise, drink this water. 

People on 8th June: Your future this year:

Be cautious this year. You might face some tension in family and personal life. Keep worshipping your 'Ishta Devta'.