Kaise rahein naukri mein top par?

We work hard to get a good job, or attain a particular position. But once we get it, are we able to maintain it well? Do we get an appropriate atmosphere at your job? Do we get along well with our boss or colleagues? If the answer to any of the above questions, is NO, read on to know the solutions – the solutions and remedies provided by Vedic astrology or Jyotish to stay on top in the job of your dreams.

Astrological Reply by Sh. Pawan Sinha ji:

Look at your bhagya rekha..line of fortune. Bhagya rekha generally goes towards the Saturn mount. But if this bhagya rekha ends at Surya (Sun or Apollo) or Jupiter's mount, then the person hardly ever faces any problems at work. But, the one that goes towards Saturn mount, that represents struggles down the road towards a perfect job. However, if this line is straight, fine and cut-free, the person keeps getting promotions at right time at regular intervals. 

Effective tip to get increment or promotion fast in job:

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  • Normally, one should observe a little patience while waiting for increments. If it's a short delay, wait. But if the increment is overdue, then for some days, wear a triangular copper pendant, on which the following hindi alphabet is written - पं , in your neck.


What kind of problems do people face (according to their Rashis,) and what are the remedies to get rid of those problems?

  • Aries: Do Haldi(turmeric) and chawal (rice) daan on thursdays. Things will automatically improve. Aries people have problems with their bosses generally, so change in aggressive attitude might work and they should always try to maintain cordial relation with the boss.  
  • Taurus: Problems related to ego or obstinate attitude generally, affect their professional life. Donate black cloth, blanket or bedsheet to a poor person or kushta rogi (leprosy patient) to get rid of any problems. 
  • Gemini: Geminis are practical so manage things well. But if your saturn or rahu is bad, problems in job may arise. If problems come up, then prepare 'coal' of wood, and drain in dirty water for 41 days continuously. 
  • Cancer: The main problem that cancerians face is that their own friends deceive them or their own subordinates don't support them or may be, initially, their seniors support them a lot but due to the influences of Rahu or Shani, the seniors stop supporting due to which one even may feel like changing the job. Stay alret!
  • Leo: You're over-ambitious and want to reach at top positions fast. You have good energy and talent, but your over-ambitious nature and change in attitude may involve you into office politics. Important tip: Keep patience!
  • Virgo: Virgos feel like changing their jobs frequently. They even wish to leave job and get into business. They want to finish work hurriedly. Give 100% to your work. Whenever you face problem, wear a triangular piece of copper in your neck.
  • Libra: Normally, they don't face much problems at work. But sometimes, because of weak Sun, they may face instability in career. For that, they should keep worshipping Sun God regularly so that they stick to the job and get promotion easily. 
  • Scorpio: They have a problem with egos. They do work efficiently and are also, very loyal towards work, but they need importance all the time. They need appreciation for their work, which if they don't get, they start losing interest in the work. So, they must check this attitude of theirs. 
  • Sagittarius: They do work properly, they don't get involved in small petty fights at work. But they have to struggle quite a lot. For that, they must keep chanting, "Om Brahm Brahaspataye Namah" whenever they face problems at work. 
  • Capricorn: They are committed to work. They get promotions fast. But if their Saturn is bad, then problems arise. They may feel like leaving job because of a bad combination of Shani and Rahu. In that case, do daan related to planet Saturn. 
  • Aquarius: They feel like working in their own style, with full freedom, that's why they don't get along well with the other team members. They must strengthen Moon to get rid of these kinds of problems.
  • Pisces: They give 100% in their work initially, but then they lose interest later on, coz they want a change frequently. Advice to them is that keep experimenting and trying out various new things along with the job or in the job, so that your interest always remains alive. 

Astro Uncle: Special Nuskha of the Day:

Tips and uses of Mango:

  • First, dip Mangoes for 3-4 hours in chilled water. Always eat chilled mangoes.
  • Always rub the upper portion of Mango well, then cut it and then eat. Sometimes, there's a worm also, in the mango.
  • Those who are very thin, and feel weak or less energetic, they must drink mango juice twice a day; this will keep their mind and body fresh and energized and keep them happy too.