In this episode, Pawan Sinha ji, reiterated the importance of food in shaping our destiny. According to him, most of the food items are available in the kitchen itself that have a direct relationship with the planets that govern our life. If we know what to eat and when, we can strengthen the planets that are good for us, and propitiate those, which are unfavorable to us. Let's understand the characteristics of some of these planets:


Sun is responsible for the body heat. Weak or malefic Sun, may create problems like acidity, weak eyesight, disturbance of mind and confidence, loss of glow on face and eyes etc. 

If a bad Sun is placed in the 4th house, problems related to heart can arise. Check the condition of Sun in your horoscope, and do these remedies, or, if you have all these symptoms, then start doing one or two of these general remedies given:

Note: Also, check if there's any til or dark spots on the Sun/Apollo mount of your hand or if the nail of the ring finger is fragile/breaks easily, this also shows that your Sun is not good and needs some propitiation. 

Remedies of Sun:

  • Get a good quality of Gulab Jal (Rose water) preferably from an Ayurvedic doctor and regularly put it in your eyes. 
  • Take a few blue bottles, fill them with water and keep it in the sunlight for 3-4 days, on a wooden block. In the morning, wash your eyes with this water and also, take in, 1 table spoon of it thrice a day. 
  • Whenever you feel hyper or angry, rub your hands hard for 30 seconds and press your eyes with the palms. 
  • Do traatak with Sun in the morning. 
  • After food, sit in vajra-aasan for five minutes. 
  • If you suffer from migraine- eat hot jalebhi in the morning with milk. 
  • For migrain, you can also apply cow's ghee in your nostrils and inhale it. 
  • Tie Kaner Jad (root) in a white thread on a Sunday in your neck, for migrain. 
  • Again for migrain, you can also, plant Tulsi plant at home, and daily offer a little amount of honey to it. 
  • Try to sit in 'ekaant' (alone) for sometime or for a few days in a year. 


Affliction to Moon, can cause depression, emotional imbalance, despite happiness-the person may not feel happy, anxiety, anger and insomnia etc. 

Remedies for Moon:

  • Grate Jaiphal with white sandalwood powder and apply it as tilk on your forehead. 
  • If you're suffering from insomnia, before sleeping, apply Jaiphal grated with cow ghee over your eye lids and try to sleep remembering your Ishta. 
  • You may eat Peeplafool choorna, if you're suffering from anger bouts due to Moon. 
  • If you see too many dreams in your sleep, start eating light food and can also keep fast on Poornima or Amavasya. 
  • Don't eat Maida much. 
  • Don't sleep during the day. 
  • In summers, the best remedy to treat Moon is having Matthaa. 
  • Also make sure, there's no vitamin C deficiency in the body. 


Mars can cause a lot of problems, if it is weak, or afflicted. Blood pressure, mental anxieties, blood related problems, lots of anger, rudeness in speech etc, are some of the problems that a bad Mars can cause. 


  • Don't eat deep-fried and spicey food. Don't eat very sweet food either. 
  • Make sure, you're not taking any form of drugs.
  • If Blood pressure or lots of anger, then take juice of Green Garlic (Hara lehsoon) and take 2 spoons of it daily in the morning before taking any food. Do this for 1 week. After 1 week, take 2 spoons of this juice only once in a week. And then after a month, start taking only 1 spoon of this juice once in a week. 
  • Drink fresh water. 
  • Also have Bel powder or bel juice. 
  • Have Dhania (coriander) and Pudina (mint) daily . 
  • Have Roti without ghee and make sure it is made of choker aata only.
  • If there's hight BP, goat milk can also be taken. 
  • Don't eat Banana, rather, have juice of Banana tree's root. 
  • If you scream so much coz of bad Mars, it can cause throat problems. To cure that, suck a piece of kachoor. 


Saturn can give voice and throat related problems. 


  • Don't eat chillies.
  • Drink and bathe with lukewarm water.
  • Do gargles of salt and tea.

 Special Remedies:

If there's frequent abortion, maajufal choorna should be taken with 1 tsp of cow milk. 

If Mars and Jupiter are connected with the 5th house of horoscope, there can be problem in conceiving due to contaminated uterus. This is special remedy to cure that:

Take 25 gram of Til, boil it with 500 grams of water. When the mixture is reduced to half, drink it on the 1st and 2nd day of period. This will clean the uterus. 

 Breathing Problems and different cures:

If the breathing problem is due to Saturn, iron ring should be worn in the middle finger of any hand, bhrastrika pranyam can be done and regular oil massage also helps. You can donate Urad daal also on Saturday. 

If it is due to rahu, run,  try to live happily and merrily. 

Mars- No red chilly. 

Mercury- Take Vitamin C, and mix-veg juice.

Venus-Don't eat any cold food-cold-drinks, ice-creams etc.