problemsOn 9th September 2011, Mars and Venus entered their debilitated rashis (signs)- Cancer (Kark) and Virgo (Kanya) respectively. At the same time, Jupiter is also retrograde. (Jupiter went retrograde on 30th August 2011). Mars(Mangal) will stay in its debilitated (neecha) position till 1st November 2011, while Venus will transit Virgo from 9th September 2011 till 3rd October 2011. This transit of Mars, Venus and Jupiter is creating a troublesome situation for not just the individuals but also, the whole nation.


In total, there will be 9 rashis that will be affected till 1st November 2011. The three, where Mars and Venus are going to stay while the other 9 where, they will cast their individual aspects. With Jupiter and Saturn both bigger planets getting affected, there can be problems in banking and film industry. If we talk about the situation of India, then in India's horoscope, venus is the lagna lord. So, the lagna lord going to its debilitated position is not a good sign at all, combined with other factors like, Mars moving to cancer from virgo- the third house of India horoscope. There can be incidents of violence, and problems from government. There can be another nation-wide protest like, Anna Hazare, but this time, it won't be that peaceful. According to astrology, Anna Hazare may face some trouble from government officials this time. During these 50 days, crime due to love issues, scams related to land and properties, marriage problems, diseases related to stomach, blood, heart, urine and infections can also spread. 

The 50 days of Mars transit in Cancer in 2011, are more or less, going to be bad for everyone as well as India. Below, you can find out how different rashis will get affected because of this transit. Everyone is advised to stay alert and careful of issues related especially, to health, money and domestic issues. 

Aries: Bad time mostly. Health: Stomach and eye related problems. If you're already affected, take doctor's advice seriously. Troubles from family too, especially, your relations with younger siblings. Struggle in job and business is also seen but that can easily be brought under control, provided that you don't lose confidence. . Advice: Meditate on Ishta Devta. 

Taurus: Health: Problems related to food pipe, teeth, hair and eyes. If you're already suffering from these kind of problems, keep taking your medicine and refrain from food items that cause such problems. Heart problems and mood swings can also occur. Take care of the health of your mother too. You will get success in job and business but only after struggle, you may also get new job offers by 1s November. Before taking any important decision don't forget to take the advice of some wise person. Your fame and respect in the society may falter, so, stay alert. Advice: 1) Gift silver to your Mother. 2)  At night, keep water in a copper vessel near you, sleep and then in the morning drink this water. 

Gemini: Digestion problems are seen. Eat only the kind of food that you can easily digest. Some family tensions may be there. All those whose marriage is right now, fixed, you need to especially, take care of your conduct and relationships. Weak time for business ventures. Save money and invest in the share market only after strong contemplation, otherwise, avoid. For those looking for job promotion or a a good job, this is a good time. Try a bit, and you will succeed. 

Cancer: You might physically hurt yourself, so, stay alert. Start drinking lukewarm water daily and also, consume a lemon in some form on daily basis. Husband and wife relationships might get disturbed too, while problems are seen from children end as well. Not to mention that love relations can also take a bad turn. Advice: Sit with mother, regularly, meditate on your Ishta devta, spend money wisely, try to control temper, and think twice before "speaking". Your bad speech may become a source of worry for you. Stay alert. 

Leo : Health wise, problems related to eyes, blood, stomach and uterus. Take a lot of care of your health. Make sure, that in your family, the peace doesn't get disturbed coz of you. This is a good time from business and job perspectives though. If you think wisely and act wisely, you will benefit in your career.  Long travels might bring good wealth gains. Advice: Avoid bright yellow and red colors at any cost.

Virgo: From health point of view, problems can be there in your eyes and stomach. Try to have good relations with your father and all elderly people. This is an extremely bad time for job/business. Try best not to lose energy. Even if you make a small mistake, it will be projected as very big by your enemies. So, act very wisely. Loss of money is also expected. Don't take any big decision between 20th September 2011 till 18th october, otherwise, your saved money may get lost. This is also not a good time as far as your fame and respect in the society is concerned. Advice: Do Gajendra moksha paath regularly and on sundays, offer gurh (jaggery) and red flowers to a river or flowing water.

Libra: Heart, kidney and lung problems can be there as far as health is concerned. For that, it is advised that you abstain, and take proper medicines. From family point of view, you can expect good happiness. As far as Job/business is concerned, you may get good new offers but they'll be short lived. Students must work very hard during this time, and not get diverted. This time will try to divert your attention from studies/work to other things, if you get entangled, you will have to suffer for next 18 months. So, stay alert! Control emotions and make efforts, the results of which you'll get in January next year. After 20th September, you'll experience good time, after 15th october, even better! Those who hurt animals, cut plants and trees, they'll experience loss of fame. But those, who love birds, animals, animal-children, etc, this period might present them with some special benefits.  

Scorpio: Overall weak period regarding-Health, family, fame and business. So, take decisions carefully. One important thing to take care of is- your speech. Think twice before speaking otherwise, you'll experience bad time, and may get bad name in the society, social functions etc. You might say something, that'll be taken against you. Try to maintain cordial relations with all. Advice: Along with your Ishta Devta, remember Hanuman ji too. Drink water only after boiling and cooling. Serve cow or donate a cow.  

Special Remedy : Whenever your Venus and mars are debilitated, or you’re facing problems coz of these planets like, marriage problems, problems from friends, Pitta and kapha disturbed in body, then start donating coconut laddu and milk at regular intervals.

Sagittarius: Not a good time from health and family perspective. Nose and teeth problems are seen. There can be tensions n the family- mother and life partner. Control ill-speech and temper. Daily, at home, you'll be presented with situations that might provoke you to talk in an angry tone, you need to curb that anger. Those involved in public services, public relations, politics, etc, this a good time to gain respect and fame. Don't invest your money anywhere. Those looking for job, its a good time for them too. Advice: To control anger, take deep breaths and meditate. 

Remedy for building national Peace: 

Donate/Distribute white sweets, and on Sundays, do gayatri yagya to maintain a peaceful environment in the whole nation/society!

Capricorn: Stay alert! Healthwise, problems related to Headache and stomach. Be ware of sudden angry bouts. Don’t lift heavy weight, as there can be problems in the waist area as well as, in the feet/sole. Do sole massage with mustard oil. For married couples-maintain cordial relations with your in-laws, otherwise, insult/disrespect is expected.  Stay alert of partnerships..though good for business progress. Bank/finance people may benefit. Advice: save yourself from bursts of anger, otherwise you may not be able to make appropriate benefits.

Aquarius: Problems in stomach and spine. Immune system may weaken too. If you catch infection again and again, consult doctor immediately.  Disturbance and lack of peace in the family due to lifepartner/children/father's behaviour or due to some elderly person's bad health in the family. Problems may arise in love relationships as well. You need to stay alert from job and business point of view as well. Advice: To avoid health problems, drink 'kaadha' made of tulsi, adrak and kali mirch. 

Pisces: Some problems in shoulders, heart, blood pressure, and kidney may arise. Those affected, maintain abstinence (parhez).  Walk and roam on grass. On Saturdays, donate Urad daal till 1st november. There can be some tension in the family coz of some friend of yours. Ordinary time for businessmen but good time for people in media and intellectual services.  Stay alert, as your enemy may become strong. Try not to do anything that evokes criticism. somebody may use your carelessly, spoken words against you. People linked with spirituality, and spiritual services, they may suddenly gain financially. Students will benefit too. Advice: If you feel any problems, then take parents on teerth yatra. 

Special Tip: 

For gaining immunity, drink hot milk with a pinch of turmeric in the morning.