The following is the video-article of Pawan Sinha Live 2011- Happy Family ka Formula

Astro Uncle, Pawan Sinha:

There are some planetary changes going on since 3rd May 2011. Rahu has entered Taurus (Vrishabha) and Ketu in Scorpio. This transit or gochar of RAhu and Ketu is not good from family point of view. There can be fights between family members and health related problems. Losses from land and business can also be there. But, Pawan Sinha ji assures that doing some special remedies will definitely help you to not get affected by these planetary changes. 

People having Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces as their janm rashis (moon signs) or ascendants (lagna) might have family problems specifically. These problems will be because of Rahu. The family problems can also arise because of not just the quarrles between husband and wife but also, bcoz of a third person as well. 

Anyone having a horoscope with Rahu influencing lagna or Rashi or Moon, will have to learn to live without much love and happiness from family. Rahu is also known to create, financial problems or problems due to lack of time. Rahu sometimes, also creates "bhram" (illusion) and if Mars also gets bad there, then boy or a girl, the fights or quarrels will be there for sure. 

Rahu also creates "vaani dosh". This doesn't just mean speaking foul language, but also the inability to speak the right thing at the right time. People suffering from this dosha, will have to face problems in domestic life for sure. 

Some special situation or combination of Rahu, Moon, Venus, Mars can either create "No marriage" yoga or delay in marriage. This kind of yoga, may also create extra-marital affairs. Not getting much into the technical details, Pawan Sinha ji, explains that it's very important that if you suffer from any such symptoms of Rahu like, "vaani dosh", being into the mode of suspicion and illusion, always running here n there, never finding peace easily and sudden changes in business or family relations, then it's more or less of  a case of your Rahu being afflicted. You must do the remedies discussed later in the episode. 

Rahu also, createe another bad habit. Due to this, a person may love his or her life partner a lot, but unable to provide something that's "actually" needed by the partner. For example, the partner may like to have light food, but you out of your "love" may eat him or her a lot more than he or she wants. This is just an example. But the point is that Rahu makes you love somebody on your own whims and fancies...on your own conditions. Rahu, may also create a bad habit of "taunting" which may irritate your partner. Basically, Rahu doesn't let you express your love easily. It creates more misunderstandings than love.  If in this case, Mars also creates some bad yoga with Rahu, then the relationship might end in divorce and may also earn you bad name. 

Rahu also makes you "stubborn". This creates problems in marital life. Adjustment quotient becomes very weak. It gives a feeling that "what i m saying is correct and this should be followed by everyone."

So, following is the summary of how Rahu affects somebody:

  • Makes you  Stubborn
  • Gives a feeling - 'My thinking is correct always'.
  • The person lives in an illusionary world and feels that what he's imagining or thinking is the reality. Based on this, he or she will form wrong opinions and fight with his or own people. Goes into depression himself/herself, pushes other family members into depression as well. 
  • Creates "vaani dosh". Speaking rash or not being able to speak the right thing at the right time. 
  • Creats lack of faith. Nobody trusts him or her specially in business partnerships, neither are they able to trust anyone. Creates suspcious nature. 
  • Rahu Mangal or Chandra-Mangal-Shukra-Rahu, create emotional hollowness. This may create Extra -marital affairs as well.
  • Unable to adjust. Family problems.
  • The person affected, finds faults in others, doesn't focus on his/her own weaknesses. 

Special Mantra discussed :

"Vakratunda mahakaaya suryakoti samaprabha

Nirvighnam Kurume dev, sarva kaarye shu sarvada"

This is a very powerful mantra to remove obstacles from business, or important areas of life. This mantra is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This mantra also is very effective for bringing prosperity and money into your life. 

Remedies related to Rahu or the symptoms that are mentioned above: