Remedies for Rahu that creates problems in family or marital life according to Jyotish or Vedic Astrology:

Rahu is a "Karmic" graha (planet) which means that the problems caused by this shadow planet will be removed by "karma" or self efforts only. You will have to be really determined and hard working to get favorable results from it. The best remedies are "bringing change in your behaviour" and "improving your habits". Sometimes, Rahu creates problems in marriage even after 15 years of marriage as well. 

Follow these simple remedies:

  • Improve your habit of being over-suspicious (shakki hona)
  • Rahu creates unnecessary false illusions. Don't stay in "bhram". 
  • Laugh and smile as often as possible. The more you're fun-loving, the better you'l be able to protect yourself from bad effects of Rahu. Interestingly, the person affected by Rahu, doesn't laugh much. 
  • Speak carefully. Think properly before speaking. Get rid of your "vaani dosh". Learn and practice to speak the right things at the right time. Timing is very important. Don't taunt, Don't over-criticize others. Appreciate your life partner. 
  • Wear Rudraksh in Silver (chaandi mein madhvaa kar). Wear in neck as Rahu likes silver not gold much. The person having family problems coz of Rahu should wear it. 
  • Keep a square piece of Silver in your pocket or purse. Make sure, it's not a leather purse. Rahu likes square silver pieces
  • When Rahu is affecting you too much, specially if you're feeling these things since May 2011, then make sure, that you MEDITATE upon a WHITE DOT. Close your eyes and imagine a WHITE SPOT between your eyebrows. Sit for as much time as possible thinking about your Ishta or Guru. YOu may also, meditate while trying to listen to your heartbeat. 
  • When Rahu is creating a lot of problems, STOP wearing blue color.
  • Do as much pranayam as possible. Rahu creates depletion of oxygen. So, the intake of oxygen is very important
  • Light an evening earthen lamp (diya). Keep some pure kapoor (camphor) and guggul in that. 
  • Keep good light and ventillation in your house. Don't keep any area of your house dark, specially during dusk. (between 5 pm to 7 pm, make sure every area is lighted)
  • If Rahu is badly affecting relationships, then all the members must throw small pieces of silver in flowing water. One member can collect silver pieces from everyone and do this remedy also. Do this either on Amavasya or Poornima. Doing this remedy once in a month is good. Do this specially, if you feel marital or family problems arising after a birth of a child.
  • Take some loan from an elder family member and do some yagya or religious cermony. This willl help you from debts.
  • Donating medicines is also a good remedy of Rahu.
  • If you're experiencing family problems since 3rd May 2011, then you can also, stop eating salt on Fridays for a year. 

Rahu remedies if you're feeling anxiety and obstacles at work or business since 3rd May 2011:

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  • Keep small square of silver in pocket or purse. People with Aries, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces  rashis or lagnas, must do this.
  • If you're feeling these days lack of interest in worshipping God then, realize that bad time is just about to begin. Make sure, that you do as much worship as possible during this time. Pooja, Guru or parents- lack of interest in them is not good during the next 18 months. 
  • Don't wear leather.
  • If anxiety, tension, stress is a problem, then for 21 days continously, keep a Coconut at a temple.
  • Do this remedy for at leat 18 months: Gift "Gangajal" to people/guests etc. 
  • Another important remedy is doing "Sunder Kaand" Paath in 2-3 months. Invite people from outside and prepare a prasaad of Gur (jaggery) and Boondi and Mishri. You can do this at your work area as well. It's a very IMPORTANT and EFFECTIVE remedy against Rahu. 
  • For Taurus and Scorpio Rashis especially,  This Rahu will create suffocation. Smell, Kapoor 10-15 times a day. You will feel healthy mentally. 
  • Don;'t wear red, green, and black clothes till august 2011.
  • Worship "shri yantra" in case, RAhu puts you in debt. 
  • Don't sleep very late. Don't eat very late. Rahu will make you do this. Don't do that. 
  • Don't ever give false testimony in court.
  • Tie a yellow thread around the wrist if you're facing marital problem these days, or unable to find a suitable partner for marriage

Pawan Sinha 15th May 2011 - Part 1