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On 15th November 2011, Saturn is entering its exaltation sign, Libra (Tula), thus initiating the Sade Sati for Vrishchik (Scorpio) Janm Rashis. Sade-sati is already on for people with Libra Rashi. (with Moon in Libra). People with Leo as their moon signs will be freed from the effects of Sade-sati, however, this Saturn's transit will be influencing many other rashis as well other than Libra and Scorpio. For some, Dhaiyya will begin, while for some, Saturn might not be in a favorable position even if they are not going thru any Dhaiya (two and a half period of Saturn when Saturn is either 4th or 7th from your Moon Sign) or Sade Sati.

The Rashis that will be affected the most when Saturn enters Libra on 15th November 2011 are:

Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.

According to Sh. Pawan Sinha ji, we must start doing the remedies of Saturn 6 months before the start of it, otherwise, we won't be able to fully protect ourselves from its adverse effects. We must start doing appropriate upaayas NOW only, according to our Janm Rashis. Since, Sade-sati is mostly negative for all of us- bringing change in our professional,  and personal lives, in our health both mentally and physically, in our relationships, family or marital life, therefore, we must do a lot of remedies to sail through this crucial period of Saturn without getting much harmed. If Saturn is bad in our horoscope, the Sade-sati will be painful. Ususally, during it's bad transit, Saturn makes us take wrong decisions, makes us trust wrong people, harms our character, pushes us into bad habits, like drinking or smoking, makes us uninterested in our works or studies, gives us bad health, causes family tragedies, makes us marry to people with completely opposite nature as ours etc etc. 

Sade-sati can be good also for some people. If it's good, it increases your reputation and fame in society, give you a serious and stern glow on your face, makes you rise in the fields of research, technology, land and astronomy etc. Improves relationships, gets you rid of chronic diseases, sometimes, even makes bad people saintly during its good transit. 

These are the remedies discussed by Astrologer, Pawan Sinha on 21st May 2011 on Tez Channel (according to your Moon Signs or Janma Rashis):

General upaay for all: Do surya darshan daily or offer water to the early morning sun daily. Serve food or make arrangements of food for blind people. 

Upaayas for respective Rashis: 

Aries: In the right or left hand, on any saturday, wear an iron ring which must not be fully joined. (should be open). Before 43 days of the beginning of sade-sati, offer oil to the Sun daily.

Gemini:  In the right or left hand, on any saturday, wear an iron ring which must not be fully joined. Stop wearing blue or black clothese for the next two and half a years

Cancer: Wear Bichhoo grass in the neck. Do this mantra : Om Sham Shanishcharaaye Namah for 108 times daily using Rudraaksh mala. Don't stay awake till late night. Do "Surya Darshan" daily (early morning rising sun). Rest properly. Go to "Guru sharan" as well. Try to be spiritual. Do Ganesh upaasana daily. 

Virgo: Serve people suffering from leprosy (kushta rogi). Do Hanuman Chalisa daily. If you can't do the chalisa, then just sit before Hanuman ji and worship him with full concentration and devotion. Wear copper bracelet in any hand. Also, make it a habit to lighten 4-mukhi deepak (containing mustard oil and black til or black 'dal') under a Peepal tree. Sit under this tree and worship your Ishta devta for sometime. You will feel refreshed and energized. 

LIbra: Leave non-veg and alcohol completely. If you don't do that, then nobody can save you from losses and difficulties!! On Saturdays, bury some "soorma" under the soil at any abundant place. If you're facing sudden financial losses, start serving a "monkey". If you're suffering from severe health or family problems then donate kitchen related iron things like, "Tawa", Chimta or Angeethi on Amavasyas (No Moon Days). Keep doing this remedy for  atleast another two and a half years. 

Scorpio: Apply tilak of Milk or Curd (morning, or night). Don't do oil massage on Saturdays. Water a peepal tree on Saturday or plant a peepal tree on saturday. 

Saggitarius: Wear an iron bracelet or "kada" for sure. Wear Sandalwood perfume (pure one). Do this mantra daily: "Om praam preem praum sah shanishcharaaya namah" (After sunset or before sunrise)

Aquarius: Don't eat non-veg or drink alcohol. Do Sunderkaand paath on Saturdays. Donate some medicine for blind people (even if its a small amount) on every Tuesday. 

Pisces: Take care of your life-partner. Behave properly with her. (speciall males should take care of their wives). Don't drink alcohol or eat non-veg. Donate food to diseased people. Manage house very well. Worship Lord Hanuman daily. Donate any medicine at a hospital or to a diseased person. 

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