In this episode, Astro Uncle, Pawan Sinha discusses the reasons behind poverty and sudden loss of money. He also provides the remedies for the same, and also, a special "Mantra" and an "Upaaya". 

Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha's Reply: 

If Moon, Rahu, Saturn and Mars are bad in a horoscope or making a bad yoga, it becomes really difficult to acquire money and if one does earn money, then it doesn't let the person save it well. Bad Mars creates losses related to property, while bad Saturn takes you towards gambling or share markets and then suddenly puts you down. Bad venus causes losses related to a woman- could be because of a disease of a wife as well or some other reason. 

Saturn and Rahu keep testing you all the time, throwing challenges one after the other. They just don't let you rise up in life for many many years, no matter how hardworking or honest you've been to your work. You may be under continous debts for long regardless of your family background. Even a person born in a rich family, may never be able to breathe easy in life, because of such combinations created by Saturn or Rahu. 

A special bad combination of Mercury and Ketu (Sambandhi Rinn Dosh) may take you towards success in the 21st or 22nd year of your life, but then, after 36th year, it gives a sudden blow to you. It becomes extremely hard to rise again from that point onwards. 

Here are some remedies to get rid of poverty and earn money and prosperity:

  • One must Daily do "Shree Pooja". Shree pooja is actually the worship of Goddess Laxmi along with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Sarswati. All three Gods have to be worshipped together. 
  • Never worship Goddess Laxmi alone. You should get her picture or idol which has Lord Vishnu also, seated along with Her. Image of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi on "Garuda" is the best one to worship. 
  • Worshipping or starting Laxmi Pooja, when Moon is in Rohini Nakshatra is considered very auspicious. 
  • Laxmi doesn't like to be there in a house where angry, miser, selfish, lazy and heartless people stay. So, make sure that none of these qualities exist in your house. 
  • Sometimes, you should (specially the head of the family) clean your house yourself using a broom. Cleaning the western part of your house is considered quite auspicious. 
  • Don't do Laxmi Pooja on chaturthi, Navmi and Chaturdashi of a month. Don't give anyone any money either on these days in the Lunar calendar. 
  • Keeping Siddha (energized from a Real Guru) "Maa Shodashi Yantra" at house is also considered very auspicious. It helps a lot to those women who are running their house singlehandedly. It also helps those, who aren't able to earn money bcoz of 'Pitra dosha'. 
  • Keep energized Shree Yantra or Kuber Yantra at home. 
  • Do this mantra as many times as possible: "OM Shreem Om Hreem, Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem, Om Vitteshwaraaye Namah". 
  • Make sure, that you keep a source of water in the North or North East corner of your home. 
  • In the morning, before having the first meal of the day, make sure to keep aside one Roti for a Dog, one for a Cow and one for a Bird. Offer them  these meals  later in the day. 
  • Offer water to the early morning Sun daily and try to get a Guru in life. 

Special Mantra of the Day and How to do this Mantra to earn money and to get prosperity and happiness in life: 

"Om Shri Mahalakshmya cha Vidmahe

 Vishnu Patnyaicha Dhimahi 

Tanno Lakshmihi-prachodayaat 

Om Shri 

You have to do this Japa daily in ANUSHTHAAN roop.

Method of Anushthaan:

Start with any Shukla Paksha but don't do it when Jupiter or Venus is retrograde or Combusted (asta). During this Anushthaan, nobody at home should eat non-veg, be angry and lazy or drink alcohol or tobacco. If there are Sootak (incase of a birth of a child or death of someone) at home, then you must pause Anushthaan and then when Sootaks are gone, you can restart the Anushthaan from where you left. NO need to start allover again. You may do this pooja during Rahu kaal or Grahan Kaal but don't START Anushthaan during that time. Around the idol or image of Mahalakshmi and Lord Vishnu, establish 8 small "Kalashas" in eight different directions. Tulsi and Mishri should be the Prasaad offered to the Gods and this Prasad should be distributed to all the family members. Make sure there's dhoop, ghee deepak and aroma. Using Panchamrit, wash the feet of Gods and drink this panchamrit later. Then chant the Mantra, you have to do this 1, 25, 000 times (divide it accordingly for a number of days, you may do 108 times per day). At the end of every day, it's important to do the "Kshama Prarthana" (Apology prayer to the Gods) as well. 

Another important point to note is that Mahalakshmi is always worshipped ALONG with Lord Vishnu, NOT ALONE. Don't worship the image of the Goddess sitting on the owl. 

Special Upaaya of the day:

If Saturn of both husband and wife is bad, then make sure that you serve your kids with a pinch of powdered roasted zeera powder(bhuna hua zeera) before they go to bed. Make sure, they don't wear "leather" as well. 

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