Effect of Jupiter's transit for 12 different Moon Rashis or the signs where your Moon was placed in your chart at the time of your birth (according to Vedic Astrology Calcuations):

Courtesy: Pawan Sinha ji (on Pawan Sinha Live, aired on Tez Channel)

Aries or Mesha: This is a very important transit for individuals with Aries as their Moon Sign as Jupiter will be transiting your Janma Rashi. As far as health is concerned, it will weaken during this period. But there will be peace and harmony in your family. As far as career is concerned, according to Sh. Pawan Sinha ji, the luck will not favor much during this period. In matters related to career, don't take any important decision till 21st December 2011. After that the period is good for both business and job. Your fame will definitely rise. Happiness from chidren is also expected. 

Remedy: For 21 consecutive Thursdays, donate a mixture of Haldi (Turmeric) and Rice to any needy person or at a place of worship. Try to get the blessings of your Guru (if you have), or your Ishta Devta. 

Taurus or Vrishabha: As far as health is concerned, you will have to take care of kidney, heart, back ache and lungs related problems. Family relations will be same like earlier. If Mars is benefic in your horoscope, then your overall time period of Jupiter's transit is favorable. Career front is auspicious. Luck will support you, You can also expect a promotion or positive change in career after July 2011. Those associated with Educational or Religious institutes, luck will favor them. Take care of your food and diet and also, your father's health. 

Remedy: Wear round gold ring (chhalla) in your Index (Tarjani) finger on any Thursday. If you have a Guru, then gift yellow clothes to your Guru's children. 

Gemini: From health point of view, you'll have to take care of your neck and back. June, July and September may create problems related to kidney, throat or stomach. In December and January, take care of the elderly in your house. These two months are not good for family. Luck from children's side. They will settle down. Those desiring to have a child, will find their prayers being answered in these 12 months of Jupiter's transit in Aries. Career is good. You will easily get things done. Some of your dreams will realize as far as career is concerned. People related to industry, film and media etc. will benefit. For intellectuals and people related to social work, they will have to face some struggles and obstacles on their way. You will have to take care of your speech coz in anger you may create unwanted enemies and problems in business.

Remedy: On any Amavasya falling on Thursday, plant banana trees anywhere. Also, donate "Gur" (Jaggery) or food items prepared with Gur for 51 Tuesdays.  

Cancer: Bad time as far as health is concerned. No respite from diseases. Blood, Head, Eye, Throat related problems are seen, accompanied by stress and low confidence. Problems from your in-laws are also expected. So, according to Sh. Pawan Sinha, you should try to keep cordial relations with your in-laws. As a remedy, sit with your daughter and help in her studies. From career's perspective, sudden loss of wealth, especially on a thursday (in Jupiter's Hora) is expected. There can be struggle for those looking for job. However, the great news is that people related to "land" or property related matters might prosper. It is really advised, that arrange money somehow, and buy a small piece of land. This would be the best move during this time and you shall see huge results of this small investment in times to come. As an advice, don't be too emotional and take care of your health as much as possible, otherwise, you'll have to face obstacles in career. 

Remedy: Chant "Om Brahm Brahaspataye Namah" as much as possible. Also, help small children. 

Leo: There will be respite from head and bones related problems. 15th January 2012 onwards, chances of having a child are really brilliant. Family harmony will be there. People wanting to have love-marriages, it's a favorable time for them. There would be peace and good luck througout. Great opportunities in career are expected. Those involved in business, it''s a good time however, for those in job, it's average. 

Remedy: Donate "Gur" on Sundays. Avoid wearing yellow clothes Thursdays. 

Virgo: Drive your vehicle carefully. Be cautious while traveling. Finance related problems till December 2011. Before taking any important decisions, remember to take the advice of Guru or others. There are chances of somebody deceiving you. People in love relations should remain alert and think practically. Problems related to Stomach and obesity. Satisfaction in married life. Those promising to give you jobs, don't trust them easily. 

Remedy: For 21 Thursdays, take some chana daal, haldi (turmeric) and rice in a yellow cloth and keep it at a place of worship. 

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