Effects of Jupiter's (Brahaspati) Transit (8th May 2011 to 17th May 2012) in 12 different Janma Rashis (Moon Signs): 

Courtesy: Pawan Sinha ji (on Pawan Sinha Live, aired on Tez Channel)

Libra: From health  point of view, problems related to stomach and urine can arise. Relations amongst family members and children will be cordial. Good opportunities in career are expected. For those related to land, agriculture, Grain, and Share markets, there can be great success. Success is also promised for those wanting to go abroad or having import/export kind of business. Bad from enemy perspective. Increase in enemies who can hamper your prestige. These 12 months are perfect for these individuals get remedies related to Pitra Dosh or other kinds of "Rinn" doshas done. 

Remedy: Apply, haldi and kesar tilak everyday. 

Scorpio: Problems related to "kapha", heart and blood pressure. Disturbance in peace of mind. Your elder brothers or sisters might get angry coz of some reasons. Your own family, in-laws, and children will be happy. There can be a news of a new member arriving in the family as well. Some struggles will be reduced as far as job and business are concerned. You will make new friends for sure, but the relations with the old ones will worsen. 

Remedy: Gift a gold item to your mother anytime in these 12 months, if possible. The item can be of any weight. Also, get involved in the cleanliness of a pooja/worship place, not just in your home, but also outside like, a temple etc. 

Saggitarius:  Both physical and mental health will be very good. You will actually feel very healthy and energetic. You will speak really well to impress others. July 2011 to May 2012 is a good period for success if you make consistent and focused efforts to achieve your goals. Expansion of family (either marriage or a child birth may take place). You will start seeing improvement in career after July 2011, which will be prominent after November 2011. People related to education or machinery related industry will benefit a lot. As far as health is concerned, there can be blood related problems. Drive slowly and cautiously. 

Remedy: Offer green fodder (hara chaara) to a cow on wednesdays. Gift someone, real pearl or sea shells. 

Capricorn: Stomach, Urine, "Kapha" (one of the doshas in Ayurveda), and throat related problems are seen. Family will be very supportive. So, will be the friends. They all will support you towards promotion in career. You will see gains in your Job between June 2011 to September 2011. But, be careful in business. Success in finance or foreign related matters. There can be loss because of an enemy. Avoid taking loans. 

Remedy: Heat some haldi and rice in water for two minutes. After they cool down, dry them up and keep it in your pocket. Apply, nihaar kesar on your tongue. Try to keep a chain of gold in your pocket as well. 

Aquarius: You will enjoy good health. Family relations will also improve. Family will be supportive and their support will lead you towards promotion in job. You might have to go away from your house as well, for job or business. IN case , you're related to Education, Finance, or IT sector, this Jupiter transit will be beneficial to you. In business, few things that were creating hurdles in your path will not reduce and you will see your goals getting fulfilled. 

Remedy: Don't eat Banana on Thursdays. Do "Naarayan Pooja" in any form. 

Pisces: Problems related to Head, eyes and stomach can be there. Try to keep the atmosphere of peace and harmony in your family. Loss of wealth is expected in your work field. You may get into a new business partnership as well. You will also be easily able to defeat your enemy/competitors, with the result of which, you will see success in your career. 

Remedy: Chant 'Om Namoh Naraayan Om' Mantra. Donate yellow things on Thursdays. Gift your mother an item related to gold on thursdays. 

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