Three Types of Hani Yog

In this episode, Sh. Pawan Sinha ji discussed three major Haani Yogas, which are of three types: Whenever, you get your Kundli checked, make sure you don’t have any of these yogas. If there is, then you must stay alert. Coz’ if not properly, checked, these yogas can simply destroy your life. However, these are some rare and special yogas, don’t jump to conclusions easily, get your horoscope properly checked first.

Symptoms of Karm Hani Yog:

  • Whenever you try to do some work on your own, it’s never done or sometimes, it brings great loss.
  • Your consultation given to others, may bring results to others, however, when you try to implement the same in your life, it just doesn’t bring result or brings complete opposite results.
  • Sometimes, you take decisions being very over-confident, but you fail miserably later.
  • Whenever, you try to do something good for your children, like, taking the decision of their marriage, school/college admissions, that also brings undesirable results.
  • Whenever, you take the initiative to help others, others never fully acknowledge it. You have to face disappointment instead of gratitude or appreciation.
  • Whenever you feel like asking for help for any of your works from others, or want to talk or promote some activity or work of yours, you’re hardly able to communicate that properly either because, of fear of rejection, hesitation, laziness or low confidence.
  • Whenever you plant to do something, you get so occupied suddenly in others’ work and fulfilling other responsibilities, that finally, you end up not even starting your own work at all. This happens in even  the smallest of works.

Remember, whenever you don’t feel like doing anything or not talking or promoting your work out of laziness, hesitation, low confidence etc, this is due to the involvement of Brahaspati (Jupiter) and Rahu conjunction under some special conditions.

Whenever you, out of over confidence, knowingly, take some big decision, and after that you face loss, defeat and loss of prestige, then it may be the result of Saturn (Shani) and Rahu conjunction under special conditions.

Whenever you, head towards doing your own work but ultimately end up doing others’ works, this may be the result of Mangal (Mars) and Rahu under some special conditions.

Remedies for Karm Haani Yog:

These remedies can be done by anyone who feels the above mentioned symptoms in his/ her life. These remedies will help you in case: a) Never being able to achieve success on your own or by taking decision by your own self.  B) Your help or your decisions for somebody else never helps him/her or don’t get acknowledged by others. C) Never being able to finish off the tasks in time. 

  • Don’t help anyone on Chauth, Navmi or Amavasya (Tithis in Hindu Calendar).  Don’t give loans to anyone on these dates either. Don’t make any big plans or take big decisions or sign business deals or join a new job or don’t try to do any good thing for your kids (planning their admissions or initiating marriage talks etc) on these dates, Otherwise, you will see the results going in opposite direction and you’ll have to face criticism from all sides, even your own family members.
  • If you want to start any important start or take big decision about any area of your life, do that on Thursday evening only.
  • Take advice from your Guru or any Guru like person in your life (Your Dad, Mom, Teacher, Grandparents, Uncle etc) before starting any work. You can do this even for formality sake, just think of it as an important Jyotish remedy.
  • Do Surya Pooja daily. Make your Sun strong. Offer water to the Sun, Do Gayatri Paath etc.
  • Once in three months on any Amavasya, create “Pitras” using “Attas” (make any shape of your pitra, like small hand or feet, using atta like, “clay modeling”) and do their visarjan in flowing water on the same day itself. Do this as a life long remedy. (This remedy is not to be performed by pregnant women or those who’ve just got married. Start doing it at least 12 months after your marriage)
  • Don’t be too emotional. Don’t take decisions in an emotional state.
  • “Pind-daan” should also be done.
  • Till the time, it’s really important, don’t say “Yes” for helping others.
  • Don’t take big decisions alone.
  • Don’t over-criticize others, focus on your work.
  • Don’t talk big or egoistically and over-confidently ever.
  • Give importance to your life partner’s advice.