No matter how rich you are, Sampatti Hani yoga, if found in your vedic horoscope, can destroy all your money. It has the tendency to take you up to the tip of the mountain and then suddenly, drop you down to zero. Sampatti comprises, your money, conveyances, property and jewellery. It may not snatch your job or already established work, but still, it’s a very powerful yoga that can create havoc in your life.

In some kundlis this yoga is present in your birth horoscope, while  in most of the cases, they develop during the transits (gochar in vedic astrology).  In gochar if 4th and 8th house is badly affected with Rahu, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter under special situations, and in your hand, if Rahu “gaddha” (at the center of the hand) gets deeper  along with hand getting rough and hard and fingers also becoming thinner, this negative yoga can pop into your life according to Sh. Pawan Sinha ji.

You don’t have to fear, in case you see these symptoms, just be alert and do the following remedies. Here are some remedies of this Sampatti Haani Yog by Pawan Sinha ji:

  •  Help labour. Give them food or any necessary items.
  •  Do “shram daan”, like, don’t hesitate to do labour even if you are at a high designation. Example: Get a glass of water yourself. Don’t ask anyone to bring it for you. Set your files and clean your office table on your own, these small things if adopted in everyday life, can go a long way in reducing the negative results arising out of this highly malefic yoga.
  •  Make sure that the western corner/side of your house, is neat and clean.
  •  Sometimes, don’t hesitate to spend your money on auspicious works.
  •  Have a joint account (with your wife or children). Have your house in the name of your wife or children or joint.
  •  Try to build your house or work place with some hollow place at the center of the land on which its going to be built. And then, put some tulsi leaves and some milk inside and cover it. If you’re living in a flat, then bring a “Gamla” at the center of your house, bury some tulsi leaves along with milk in the soil and then put it back outside.
  • Avoid wearing Blue/Black cap or Pagdi.
  •  Wear a small piece of silver in your neck
  •  Feed or keep a black dog as a pet.
  • On Wednesday , throw some Raai in flowing water.

Pawan Sinha Live 8th May 2011 - Part 3- Santan Hani Yog and Remedies: