Santaan Hani yog can be of many types.

  • Difficulty having a child.
  • Frequent miscarriages.
  • Having a diseased child
  • Your children getting settled to far off places and you ultimately being alone.
  • Your children don’t care for you at all, might leave you alone or in old age homes.


  • Keep doing “Harivansh Paath” regularly.
  • Chant this mantra: “Nandgop grihe jaat”, whenever you can.
  • As a mother, if your “innocent” gets implicated in some court case, or other such problem, then you can keep “Maa Kali yantra” in your child’s shirt’s pocket.
  • If Jupiter is in Pushya nakshatra, do Santaan Gopaal Path. It can bring your children (who left home coz of anger or something) back to you.
  • For 21 Saturdays, give water to Peepal tree.

Special Remedy and Mantra of the Day to end all your struggles and worries:

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