Shraap and Shraadh

According to vedic astrology, there are many kinds of yogas present in our birth/natal chart . Some are good, while, some are bad. Out of those which are bad, there are some which are very bad and can’t be easily gotten rid of. However, PItra paksha or Shraadh, is the best time to perform the remedies concerning these malefic yogas like, Pitra dosha, sampatti dosh, vansh dosh etc. This is the time, when we pay gratitude to our ancestors. Those who don’t serve or respect their elders when they were alive; or don’t remember them properly, when they're dead, can’t ever remain happy throughout their lives. 



Something or the other keeps bothering them and their whole life comprises a great deal of struggle. In these cases, even if Jupiter, Moon, Ketu and Saturn are good in your horoscope, they don’t produce any good results.

Pitra puja is the essence of Saubhagya-good fortune. In fact, Tarpan of not just the immediate passed-away ancestors should be done, but one should try to do the tarpan of ancestors till the 16th generation, if possible. Pitra Paksha is also the best time to do Sun God worship (Surya Pooja). Also, to beget children, get rid of loans, and for general peace in the family.

Significance of Shraadh or Pitra Paksha. Read below. 

Krishna paksha of Ashwin Maas, is called shraadh, or pitra paksha, or mahaalaya paksha or kanaagat paksha, as during this time of the year, the Sun is in the Kanya rashi.  Sun is dakshinaye also during this month, so, all the pooja has to be done facing south direction. This pooja is related to Surya pooja. Do this in Surya hora only, i.e. within 1 hour of sun rise.

Pooja Vidhi:

Our pitras are our identity. We are because of them. So, we must do their pooja with full devotion. Don’t do any pooja in a hurried manner. Don’t ever make fun of Shraadh. Do dhyaan of ancestors. Your body and mind should be in proper equilibrium. Doing this pooja daily, is the best, otherwise, do it on the tithi prescribed for the concerned ancestor’s shraadh or do it on the amavasya for sure, (15th October 2012) , with whole family and include children also.

There are three parts of Pooja

Tarpan, Bhojan, Tyaag.

Tarpan: Take a copper or earthen vessel and fill it with clean drinking water. The water must not contain any kind of scent or smell. Add Til also in this water. Sit facing the south direction (if possible, sit near plants, so that when you offer water it doesn’t spill over the floor or your feet, and goes straight in the plants.) Keep a bucket full of water with you. Tie kusha grass in the ring finger of your right hand. Now, do the tarpan facing south and chanting this mantra- “Om Pitra Devaye Namah, Om Pitra Shaanti Bhava.” Do dhyaan of Ancestors and ask them for happiness and peace.

Bhojan: Make food that was favorite of your ancestors. Every morning, keep aside the 1st portion of the food for the cow, 2nd for the crow, 3rd for dog, and 4th for ants. Then only, have your food. The food should include, rice, milk, shakkar, ghee, gangajal, honey and kheer and should be for Devta, Brahmin, and one poor person. According to Geeta, eating non-veg is prohibited these days.

What not to have in food.. paan, tambaaku, jootha bhojan, urad, onion, garlic, zeera, brinjal, meethi supaari, bottle gourd (gol lauki), heeng.

You have to do this on the Shraadh Tithi. The food to the cow, crow, dog and ants can be given daily also during pitra paksha.


Eat food only once a day. Any member in the family can take this responsibility. Don’t eat grains after sunset. You may eat fruit etc though. The day you have to do shraadh, sleep on the floor. Do daan, keep til and raw food in daan. Daan can be - Bhumi daan, gurh(jiggery) daan, go (cow)-daan or anaaj (grains) daan. Leave at least one bad habit for the entire life. Don’t make use of any scent besides chandan and kapoor. Don’t have sexual intercourse during this period.

Once a day, do parikrama of peepal tree.  Do narayan pooja or read Garudh path or Geeta. On amavasya, do pind daan of all pitra.

No celebration has to be done during shraadh. No New clothes, new vehicles, new things. Don’t do grah pravesh. Don’t do pooja late (you have to do it with in 1 hour of Sunrise). Shraadh can be done by husband wife, son, son-in-law, daughter, brother, or nephew of the concerned ancestor as well.

What are the three main Shaaps or Doshas that can be gotten rid of during Pitra Paksha and what are their specific remedies? Click below to find out.

Pitra Dosha, Vansha Dosha, Sampatti Dosha

Note: This is a literal English translation of one of Pawan Sinha Live episodes on Tez Channel. All the remedies presented here by one of the most esteemed astrologers of India, Sh. Pawan Sinha ji