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What are the 3 shaaps or doshas that can be cured during Pitra Paksha / Shraadh Period?

  • Pitra Dosha
  • Vansh Dosha
  • Sampatti Dosha

Symptoms of Pitra Dosha:

  • No progress possible in the house in which members are suffering from Pitra Dosha.
  • Every person argues/fights with one another over rational issues.
  • Children don’t get married easily, even if they do, marriage doesn’t sustain.
  • Family starts reducing slowly (due to lesser amount of children taking birth with each passing generation)
  • Money doesn’t stay in the house and gets spent on useless things or disease.
  • Family reputation gets harmed due to some reason.
  • Plants, animals don’t survive in that house.
  • Loneliness  in the house.
  • Construction of some portion of the house stops midway.
  • Cracks in the walls of the houses.
  • Disease never goes
  • Family head gets diseased quite often or he/she suffering from incurable disease.
  • While entering the house, one faces some dirty water.
  • Guests never go satisfied from that house.
  • Despite all facilities, lot of struggle for all family members.
  • Women suffer from frequent miscarriages.
  • A lot of Problems in job and business as well.
  • Tension amongst siblings, one of the brothers or sisters separates from family.
  • Husband wife problems are also seen.
  • Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law never get along easily, but if they stay separately, in different houses, things get absolutely normal.
  • Stomach problems to members
  • Problem of untimely grey/white hair, blood pressure, other blood related problems, and problems related to walking.
  • Students of that house lack concentration and even after hardwork, they face problems in their studies.

If you’re suffering from most of the problems mentioned above, (remember MOST of them, don’t jump to any conclusions, if you related to any two three problems mentioned above), do these upayas/remedies/pooja, on either every Thursday or Amavasya.

Doing it however, on the amavasya of Pitra Paksha, (in 2012, the amavasya of Pitra Paksha, falls on 15th October), then it brings the best results.

Pooja Vidhi:

Sit near Hawan Kund. Every member of the family must keep one coconut and 1 rupee coin with him or her. The head of the family must have a turmeric mala (haldi mala of 108 beads) in his right hand to count the mantra. Other members should have 1 Haldi Gaanth in their left hands and using right hand, they’ll give Aahuti of Samidha. Now everyone do this mantra- Om graam greem graoum sah guruve namah swamha. Do atleast 5 malas Or more. Those who are not doing hawan, they have to say the mantra without ‘swaha’. Chant the mantra loudly. After that, give that haldi gaanth and coin to a temple. Coconut can be thrown in a river or can be given to temple as well. Then make sure to offer food to a Kushta Rogi. It’s great if the whole family does this pooja together. Should include children as well.

Something good will start happening with in 1 year for sure. Try to do hawan daily in pitra paksha, if you can’t do hawan, then daily chant this mantra in Pitra Paksha. But Hawan, must be done on Amavasya for sure ( 15th October 2012).

Symptoms of Vansh dosh

  • Delay or denial in children.
  • Some incurable disease in the family.
  • The child has to struggle a lot.
  • Child revolts or fights with parents.
  • Problem in the household life of the child.
  • Child gets love of only one of the parents.
  • Child tells lies a lot.

Remedy of Vansh Dosha:

On the Amavasya of Pitra Paksha or Shraadh (in 2012 it is on, 15th October), give food to 100 dogs. Dogs can be of any color or breed. From this day onwards, keep helping a widowed woman in any way possible.

Symptoms of Sampatti shrap or dosh

  • Money doesn’t come easily.
  • A lot of efforts, still no wealth.
  • Even if it comes, then you won’t come to know how it gets spent so easily.
  • Burglary/Robbery definitely happens in either house or at workplace. Happens frequently.
  • Somebody deceives you and never returns the money that you lent to him/her.
  • You get addicted to gamble and keep losing, but you keep gambling coz it becomes an addiction.
  • When this shaap is very strong, the person spends money in bringing friends and feeding them with alcohol.
  • Parents don’t give money to that person.
  • Finances get entangled in legal problems.
  • Your tenants also become a source of troubles for you.

Remedy: Improve behavior first. Get rid of any drug addiction.  Do bhoodan- donation/sacrifice of land. Even if it’s a small piece of land like, you can help in the construction of some place of worship. Do shani pooja with proper SANKALP and Anushthan. Learn it from some priest.

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Note: This is a literal English translation of one of Pawan Sinha Live episodes on Tez Channel. All the remedies presented here by one of the most esteemed astrologers of India, Sh. Pawan Sinha ji