Let's talk about the importance of Lord Shiva in our life. According to ancient scriptures about Lord Shiva, all the problems from birth till death can be solved by the worship of Shiva. The greatness of Shiva is such that no matter how much bad planetary influences you have like, Sadesati, and other Saturn/Rahu related problems, if you worship Shiva with utmost sincerity and right procedure, then you will always remain under the protection of the great lord. 

Any marriage related problem or child birth issues, lack of peace of mind or any mental problem, bad influence of Mars, weak moon etc, everything can be cured with the worship of Lord Shiva. 

When should the Shiva pooja be performed to achieve desired results:

Chanting of Pranav that is 'Om' or 'Om Namah Shivaye' is considered to be fruitful in the Ardra Nakshatra and Chaturdashi tithi of the hindu calendar. It can also be very auspicious to do 'Om' iin Ardra Nakshatra and Surya Sankranti. Doing 'Om namah shivaya' or just 'Om' also brings very good results when done in Mrigashira 4th pada nakshatra. Same with Punarvasu 1st pada. For students and saadhaks, Punarvasu 1 is very auspicious. 

If there are a lot of problems in life, or if you want to achieve Moksha or meet lord Shiva, then u may also do Shiva dhyaan in Ardra nakshatra OR Chaturdashi OR Pradosh.

Important point to be remembered:

For progress in spiritual life and to attain moksha, Shiva linga should be worshipped. But for household purposes like marriage issues, marital life problems or child birth, you should worship Shiva idol (murti).  

How to make special purpose Shiva Linga at home with your own hands?

If Rahu ketu trouble a lot, or insurmountable obstacles r there due to markesh or Mars, blames from government, etc. then make this Shiv ling with your own hands. What you need are the following things:

Take clean sandi. Seive it. Then mix some water and then make a shivling.Do this remedy, if after years of efforts, you are not achieiving any success. In this mitti, add some aatta (wheat flour), white homemade butter,some bhasm, (bhasm can be of peepal ki chhal,  bel tree or shami branches), gobar (cow dung), kusha, saptnaaj, gangajal, flowers (white), gurh or shakkar, and make peeth also. The height of the Shiva linga should be equal to your 12 fingers. (fingers of the one, who has to perform the pooja.)

How to do pooja?

If u can go to ekaant for 7-8 days, then it's best to take this Shiva linga there and do the pooja. Flowers to be poured can be of lotus, bel patra or any white flowers. If Santaan Dosh, then use dhatura leaves. For shaap mukti, shami flowers, Pooja with white sandalwood, gives prosperity and fame. Prasad on the shiv ling should not be distributed or eaten. Don't offer milk or water on shiv linga after sunset. You can sit n do dhyaan however. 

Nisheet kaal (2nd and 3rd pahar of night) pooja gives unimaginable results. If enemies trouble you then do this pooja with the shivling u made urself. But u shd be honest n do ur karmas too. Court cases, property issues, somebody creating speedbreakers, such problems can be solved thru this pooja. 

For Shraap and sanchit karma, you should also do charity along with these poojas. 'Om namah shivaye' in nisheet kaal with own shivling is known to give amazing results. 

"Om namah shivaya" can be done in 2 ways. If you're doing it for some specific purposes, then do it quietly, u can move your lips. If you want to do it for dhyaan and moksha, then do it completely mentally. (no lip movement)

Normally, (IDOL or LINGA) pooja of Shiva comprises 7 steps (16 charan). These are: 

  • Sit in Aasan. 
  • Do dhyaan of Shiva and invite him to take aasan. 
  • Do swaagat and pranaam. (mentally)
  • Snaan- Offer panchamrit on shiv linga- milk, cow ghee, curd, honey and shakkar. 
  • Vastra Arpit- Vastra can be bhasm, cotton threads or mauli.
  • Sugandh- light incense etc. 
  • Flowers- can be kamal or dhatura or kaner or any white flowers. 
  • Akshat
  • Chandan- Apply sandalwood paste on shiv linga or idol. 
  •  Light dhoop
  • Naivedyam- chawal, phal, makhan and shakkar
  • Taamboon- Offer paan. 
  • Jap start- - like, Om Namah Shivaya. 
  • Aarti
  • Pradakshina- chaaro taraf ghoomna and namaskar
  • Stuti and namaskar

Kshama prarthna in the end. 

Chanting names of 12 Shiva Jyotirlingas many times a day gives results like Mahamrityunjaye mantra. like, Om mahakaleshwaraye namah.. Om omkareshwaraye, om bhuvaneshwaraye, om trayambakeshwaraye namah…etc


Rudraksha - smaller the better.. tamsik food shd be left, if you want to wear Rudraksha and obtain benefits from it. …. No drugs..no lies... Be honest, otherwise, no use. With Rudraksha, all kinds of diseases can be treated.

Following are the kinds of Rudrakshas and what mantra need to be done to energize them. 

1 mukhi- shiv rupi.. Keeping it in pooja, pleases lakshmi and she never gets angry. ..Mantra:  Om hreen namah.

2 mukhi.. deveshwar.. kamna praapti.. om namah shivaya.

3 mukhi.. for students n saadhak… om kleem namah. Minimum 11000.

4. mukhi.. brahm rupi.. aalsi se aalsi also treated.. personality mesmerizes. .. om hreem namah

5 mukhi… kaalgni rudra..manovaanchhit fal,.. om hreeng namah.. 1 lac times minimum on Somvaar or trayodashi. 

6. mukhi.. daahini baazu..anek paap mukt…om hreeng hoom namah

7 mukhi.. daridra also rich… om hoom namah.

8 mukhi… om hoom namah. prevents Akaal mrityu

9. mukhi…durga sidhi can be achieved.. left wrist or arm. Om hreeng hoom namah.

10 mukhi… this is considered Vishnu roop. Om hreeng namah.

11 mukhi.. rudra roop.. mansikta can be changed… confidence built… blood pressure also ok and body also good.. om hreeng hoom namah.