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There are three factors that play a major role in determining whether we'll succeed in life or not. Even if we get knocked down while walking on the road of success, if we don't have these three important qualities, we may not be able to get up again and put a fight against the negative circumstances presented by life.

These three pillars of success are:

  • Willpower
  • Self-Confidence
  • Personality

Willpower: Willpower or Iccha-Shakti, is the most important factor that decides our destiny. Despite all odds, we can succeed and outshine others, if we have that necessary willpower.

What makes a person's will power weak (based on vedic astrology)?

Mukhya Graha (Lagna Lord): People with weak lagna lords (mukhya graha) in their horoscope, generally, have less courage and willpower. They may dream a lot but end up doing nothing much. Weak will power also puts hurdles in their doing any remedies for bad placement of planets in the chart. These people become bitter with time coz of frustration and end up just criticizing those who're already successful. 

Weak Moon: Weak or Bad Moon makes a person too lazy to do anything. If someone asks a person to do some work, this person doesn't like him or her, and  just ends up fighting only. As a result, even the closed ones are not much of a help to this person. 

Bad/Weak Mars: Martian energy is vital for success. Those with good Mars rise up again and again from falls and succeed in life. If you don't have a good mars, you might not e very confident, won't like taking initiatives, won't feel like meeting people in person, rather you would find excuses for not doing any work. You may lie also. You might like to just sit and hope that somebody will do your work. You might also almost always, end up supporting wrong habits with your irrelevant rationale. 

In your hand, if your thumb is too short or too long as compared to other fingers, then this doesn't show a good willpower. The two phalanges of the thumb should almost be equal in length for a person to have good willpower. 

Remedies for improving Willpower:

  • Have Patience. Don't be scared of delays. Keep doing work. 
  • Have a Guru or any wise person, and do satsang with him, so that you get inspired. 
  • Sit with people with good Jupiter and Mars. 
  • Don't sit with people who just criticize others and have negative thinking and low levels of courage and confidence. 
  • While listening to bhajans, try going into dhyaan. 
  • Do this beeja mantra- Om hoom . (Hoom has to be spoken suddenly while taking oxygen out of your stomach like, in kapalbharati.)
  • Wear an amethist on saturday in the middle finger in copper or gold. Check with an astrologer first whether saturn is maraka in your kundli. If it is, don't wear it. 
  • If you can't wear amethist, collect a few of them and keep them somewhere close to you, like purse or desk. 
  • In silver or gold, on a monday, wear 'rose quartz' in Anamika finger. You can wear it in neck also (For neck, it should be 8-10 ratti)
  • Wearing a sphatik in a bracelet or mala form, is also quite beneficial for improving willpower.
  • If you can find a pure 1 Mukhi Rudraaksha, then do wear it in gold or silver. 

Remedies for improving Self-Confidence:

  • Have a source of inspiration always. It can be a spiritual guru, a political leader or some other achiever.
  • Do "Namah Shivaya" mentally. Keep doing it without any expectations, any time during the day.
  • Concentrating on a small, RED SPOT also improves confidence or concentration. 
  • Do Traatak on yourself. See your reflection in the mirror and look into your forehead. Don't look here n there, just yourself for some time. ( You may apply a Bindi on your forehead as well, for better concentration.). 
  • Always trust in the fact, if one door closes, the other one always opens. Believe in this principle and never lose hope. 
  • 1 Mukhi or 11 mukhi rudraaksha- both are superb for improving confidence. 
  • If your Rahu is good, wearing a Gomed also helps. 

Personality and Beauty Enhancement Nuskhas:

  • For Blemishes or patches on the skin: Rub it with pieces of ripe papaya. It works wonders. 
  • For blemishes, boil Shakarkandi with water. Wash your hands and mouth with this water. This is also a very effective remedy. 
  • For blemishes and clear face: You may also apply carrot juice on the face and wash it off after 30 minutes. 
  • In one spoon of honey, mix some carrot juice, apply it on face- will bring glow. 
  • 4-5 days before an important event do this- Mix tomato, lemon juice with some gulabjal and apply it on face for 20 minutes or so. And then, wash it with lukewarm water. 
  • Apply raw milk with a 1 or 2 tsp salt overnight on face is also very beneficial for removing blemishes and pigmentation. 
  • Glow on face: In two tsp tomato juice, mix 4 tsp lassi. 
  • Use of cucumber juice with milk and gulab jal also brings glow. D

You may do one or two of these beauty remedies daily depending upon what ingredients you have. 

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