A woman is the pillar of a family. Ideally, a woman should be wise, intelligent, practial, peaceful, patient, loving and healthy. However, due to stress and other social problems, a woman these days, is unable to take care of herself well. What are the major emotional and health problems faced by women these days and what are the practical jyotish solutions available for the same? Read the following episode update of Pawan Sinha Live - 12th February 2012 - An episode dedicated to the Health and Problems faced by an Indian Woman. 

 Many woman suffer from the mood-swings problem. However, there are a few who un-intentionally, end up destryoing their peace of mind due to this problem Sometimes, due to lack of control on their moods, they become the reason for destroying the peace of other family members as well. Because of this, they become too emotional and lose their ability to see and understand logic. They become suspicious, in case Rahu negatively influences their lagna lord (mukhya graha). 

Another issue that plays havoc in a woman's life is their over-emotional nature. An afflicted Moon can induce this problem. This problem should be treated otherwise, it can result in a mental disorder later in life. Besides Moon and Rahu, an afflicted Mars is also a reason for troubles in a woman's life. Bad Mars can create blood-related problems like, irregular periods, PMS's etc. Mars can create hormonal imbalance and also extreme-anger during periods. It disturbs concentration, makes one feel tired most of the times, feel like eating a lot but end up eating nothing, headaches, blood pressure etc. 

There are many more women issues and each planet's affliction creates some specific problems. However, let's focus on the general all-purpose remedies now:

  • Don't ever let a woman feel lonely. She's the one who gives birth to a child. If she's depressed, sad or unhappy, it will hamper the development and nature of the child as well. 
  • Women should refrain from eating very heavy food. 
  • Make sure no gas develops in the body. If as a woman, you suffer from the gas problem, then walk twice daily. Don't eat food that produces gas. Chew one harar daily after food. 
  • Do Anulom Vilom Pranayam daily, if possible, look at urself in the mirror while doing it. It will raise your self confidence as well as cure depression and make you practical. 
  • Put a tilak of Kesar and white chandan on your forehead at sunrise or sunset for 15 minutes atleast. 
  • Walk on green grass. 
  • Do jalaasan at least 4 times during the day. Drink a glass of water slowly, while facing east and remembering your Ishta devta, possibly at these times- morning 6:30 then at 12 noon, then evening 6:30 and then at night. 
  • Wearing white clothes, do this mantra for Moon: "Om Shraam shreem shraum sah chandramase namah" with moti or rudraksh maala. 
  • Eat 250 gram papaya daily without salt. 
  • If you're having any kind of problems in your monthly cycles, then visit doctor immediately. 
  • For healthy periods: have 1/2 spoon choorna of Mooli seeds, thrice a day, with water. 
  • Sometimes, eat gurh or kaale til laddoos.
  • If you suffer from heavy bleeding upon injuries, then wear a black thread on your left ankle. Avoid black clothes. For the same problem, you can also do this: Take anaar peel, dry it up and then powder it. Then boil this powder with water, filter it and then drink it. 
  • Always remember your Ishta Devta. 
  • Keep a white handkerchief with you. 
  • Try to have father and brother's support. 
  • For curing Mars related problems, do "Om Ang Angaarkaaye Namah", daily, one maala.