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Frequently Asked Questions about MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

What is mobile number portability?
A service that allows the mobile user to opt for service provider of her choice but retain her mobile number.

How long will it take to port a number?
Seven working days. Fifteen days in J&K , North-east

Does it allow a technology switch?·
Subscriber can stay with same technology, GSM/CDMA. Also change to CDMA or vice versa.·

Is it for Post Paid or Pre-paid subscriber?

Both post-paid & prepaid subscribers can use it.

What's the cost?

Will cost Rs19 to the new service provider.·

Can you retain your number in another city?·
No. You can't change circles

How frequently can you·switch service providers?
A subscriber must be with a provider for at least three months.

Procedure for swtiching NOW?

To switch, send the following text PORT·mobile number to 1900.·You'll get an eight-digit alphanumeric code and expiry date for it. This is the unique porting code.·Approach service provider you have opted for with unique code. Carry address & ID proof/ photograph/ application form with unique code & mobile number. Complete this process within the expiry date that came with unique code.

Operator will take request to mobile portability clearing house. Clearing house will get your number deactivated from existing provider and activate new one.·You'll then get text from new provider mentioning date & time when phone will go through a no-service period.

This is when switching of service providers will happen. Phone will be out of use for couple of hours — between 12pm and 5am.


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