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This is one place where one can easily get a feeling that luxury is not always detrimental to your pockets. Its space filled with peace and tranquility, the spacious rooms abundant of natural light, and lots of greenery around, make the spa at Ista, an experience to remember.


Ista Hotel is located at GT road Amritsar, and the most unique thing reported about this spa is that before the start of any treatment, the feet of the client are washed and then an aarti is performed. The space is extremely beautiful and the mantra chanting by the masseurs themselves, is said to provide a very calming effect on the senses. Shirodhara, aroma therapy and crystal therapy are the treatments to look forward to. Shirodhara is believed to provide tranquil to the mind and help you navigate the most peaceful realms of mind, while crystal therapy works on your chakra to achieve equilibrium of mind, body and soul.


Lots of invigorating, and detoxifying oils are used that are blended with spices. Try the Spa at Ista and stimulate your senses.

What's Special? Before the spa ritual, the feet of the client are washed and an Aarti is also

Cost: Rs. 1500 onward

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